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SDFI - TeleMedicine SDFI - TeleMedicine SDFI - TeleMedicine SDFI - TeleMedicine SDFI - TeleMedicine
SDFI - TeleMedicine
SDFI - TeleMedicine
SDFI - TeleMedicine

Congratulations to...

Holly Fratzke Women's Health Nurse Practitioner, SANE
Winona, Minnesota

La Tanya Thomas MMSc, MPH, PhD(c), RN, PA-C
Tucker, Georgia

Joanne Donhowe RN
Platteville, Wisconsin

These scholarship winners were chosen out of 37 applicants by the EVAWI committee to attend the 2015 EVAWI conference in New Orleans, Louisiana.

SDFI-TeleMedicine donated funds for these scholarship winners!

Great Job ladies!

The new Contrast SDFI Camera System will be released and first time demonstrated at the EVAWI conference, from April 7th thru April 9th, 2015.

An event not to be missed!

Click here for more conference information

SDFI - TeleMedicine
SDFI - TeleMedicine

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SDFI®-TeleMedicine Secure Digital Forensic Imaging System

SDFI®-TeleMedicine offers a Secure Digital Forensic Imaging system designed for investigations such as...

  • Sexual Assault
  • Intimate Partner Violence
  • Homicide
  • Child Abuse
  • Human Trafficking
  • Death Investigations
  • Risk Management
  • And more

SDFI®-TeleMedicine offers 3 critical components all rolled in one camera system. It was designed around the Federal Rules of Evidence. Forensic examiners can easily shoot, store and send high resolution images then use them as forensic evidence. These forensic images are then stored within the examiner’s own network and/or environment and by default, the images become Secure Beyond Reasonable Doubt.

When forensic images need to be moved or sent to a recipient, they are first secured inside a SDFI Secure File, then moved through a secured File Portal ensuring an absolute Chain of Custody.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The recipient does not need to purchase any software or spend any money and all SDFI File Portal users get free technical support.

Using the SDFI System, you will be able to...

  • shoot high resolution photos.
    Why? Because it includes a complete labeled camera system that includes memory cards, card reader, tripod, foot pedal, hand held remote and all the accessories to take forensic pictures.
  • store your images securely on your own network and/or environment.
    Why? Because it includes military level encryption software so you can store images in your own environment securely.
  • send your photos easily to anyone in the world securely.
    Why? Because it includes a *Secure File Portal. It is designed to send your photos anywhere in the world. The recipient does not need to purchase software in order to receive your secured photos. (*annual subscription)
  • view images better than the naked eye.
    Why? Because it includes image management software with forensic tools. Examples include the ability to compare images side-by-side using The SDFI Negative Invert Filter and Other Forensic Tools.
  • out perform the colposcope digital imaging system.
    Why? Because it includes the ability to shoot both internal and external forensic pictures.
  • receive onsite hands-on SDFI system training.
  • get unlimited customer service and support (no annual fees).
  • participate in our camera loaner program as our client.

The SDFI®-TeleMedicine System is non-proprietary. Recipients do not need to purchase the SDFI System in order to receive SDFI Secure Files containing forensic images. Note: All SDFI images can be used for medical reasons and easily entered into any electronic health record (EHR) system that will accept .jpg files.

Watch Video Introduction to the SDFI-TeleMedicine System.
Download the Introduction Video to your computer.

SDFI - TeleMedicine

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SDFI - TeleMedicine