What is Standard Forensic Photography?

A ‘‘photograph’’ means a photographic image or its equivalent stored in any form. For those of you who capture forensic images, it is important to know and follow the rules defined within your state’s Rules of Evidence and/or the Federal Rules of Evidence.  Following these rules, while ensuring a Chain of Custody, reduces or eliminates a defensible legal challenge related to the authenticity of the original images captured.  An original photograph is required in order to prove its content.  In most situations, RAW files are considered to be the original where .JPG files are considered to be duplicates. A duplicate is admissible to the same extent as the original unless a genuine question is raised about the original’s authenticity. SDFI is designed to capture court ready RAW and .JPG files

As technology evolves, examiners, investigators, detectives, judges, juries, prosecutors and defense attorneys have learned that it is most important that digital evidence is considered to be original by the courts and that there must be an absolute chain of custody in place, something like SDFI that is considered to be “Secure Beyond Reasonable Doubt”.

SDFI-TeleMedicine provides camera systems, forensic software, secure telemedicine file portal services, training and technical support and detailed forensic photodocumentation processes. These tools were created for professionals who require high resolutions, high definition, clear images and processes that adhere to State and Federal Rules Of Evidence.  

SDFI is an acronym for Secure Digital Forensic Imaging.

As a forensics professional, you can use the SDFI-TeleMedicine System to…

  • Shoot - high resolution photos (SDFI camera system)
  • Store - forensic images securely on your system (imaging and encryption software)
  • Send - images easily to anyone in the world securely (secure telemedicine file portal)

For those of you who are between choosing a colposcope, the SDFI Camera Systems are capable of taking internal as well as external images of a person, patient, victim or survivor of a possible violent act. This means that it is a excellent tool for taking oral, cervical and/or anogenital images related to sexual assault as well as external images related to domestic violence or suspicious injury. SDFI can also be used for crime scene photo documentation or for any other investigative need within the medical, legal and risk management industries.

SDFI Camera Systems and all its software, encryption and components are specially made and configured for forensics and cannot be purchased from any other source, store or manufacturer. SDFI-TeleMedicine does not offer distribution and only sells directly to end users.

Both SDFI Camera Systems, along with its software, encryption, telemedicine service and components are configured to work synergistically together and not sold separately.

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