And Now A Word From The SDFI®-TeleMedicine Green Intelligent User Guide!

Usually the Green, Quiet Type, Our Guide Has Some Important Information to Impart

SDFI Green Intelligent User Guide. Greetings, clients! I arrive to you, bright, fresh, clean and green when you receive your secure, digital Forensic Imaging System. I provide a guide to securing, storing and sending your SDFI secure files, but I have heard from our highly-competent Technical Team that not all of my pages are being read.

Did you know that pages 2 and 3, 69 and 70 and page 90 are the most misseed and unread pages in my informative tome? Please do not miss any pages, especially these pages, because every page is absolutely essential for the efficient and intelligent utilization of your Forensic Imaging System!

If you need another copy of the Green Guide, please fill in the blue box on this page, and I'll be rushed straight to your mail box!

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