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Hey, current SDFI clients! Are there a couple of things you wish you could brush up on when using your SDFI®-TeleMedicine Camera System? Have you recently hired new staff that could use some training with the forensic camera?

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Online, Personalized, Bi-Directional Hands-On SDFI Forensic Camera Training Course. Interact in real time with a live SDFI Technical Trainer in a 90-minute long, personalized, bi-directional, remote hands-on internet webcam-based forensic camera training course - “You See Us, We See You!"

SDFI.Q. 90 Minute Forensic Camera Training Course Single Download Brush up on, or train new staff with this one time download, 90-minute long, pre-recorded video, taught by a SDFI Technical Trainer, which covers:

  • Holding the SDFI Forensic Camera System properly, powering on and off the SDFI Camera and the ring flash and connecting the SDFI Camera System to a HDTV.
  • Differences between close-up and far-away settings.
  • Capturing far-away and close-up pictures without looking through the viewfinder.
  • Utilizing the "Play" button to use the SDFI Forensic Camera System viewing tools.
  • Zooming in and out and navigating pictures using the touchscreen...and MORE!
  • Reviewing the SDFI Digital Protocol, including Bookend Card requirements.
  • Training for the Overlapping Storyboard protocol.
  • Successfully navigating Camera System equipment, including the ring flash battery, and SD memory card removal and replacement.
  • This video will be sent to you via the SDFI Secure File Portal.

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SDFI.Q. Forensic Camera Training Course Monthly Subscription Online Monthly Subscriptions where you are enrolled in our SDFI.Q. online learning site. Here, you will have access to all 26 Pre-Recorded Forensic Camera Training Videos, plus additional training videos from educators and SDFI experts, when and as they become available. This includes any and all updated videos as they are created as technology evolves. Subscriptions include monthly, quarterly or annual duration options.

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* Please note that an individual SDFI Training Event is structured for either medical OR legal professionals, per a single training event. This training is not intended for I.T. personnel, advocates or social workers. No observers or press allowed, as this will distract from training.

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Watch Video Introduction to the SDFI-TeleMedicine System.
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