What is Contrast Forensic Photography?

The SDFI Contrast Forensic Camera System, is designed to capture forensic images in the ultra violet light spectrum.

SDFI’s Contrast Forensic Camera System is designed to be used with Contrast Lights. Contrast Lights are lights that shine more “Ultraviolet” light than normal or more “Infrared Light” than normal. People are only able to see a very limited range of light without help, mostly between 400nm and about 700nm. Contrast Photography offers the ability to capture highly valued photographs and video with an ultraviolet light.

Shine your ultraviolet light over and around an area, either at a crime scene, person, clothing or any area of interest.  When you shine your contrast light and find contrast, you’re able to swab that area, then photograph and video that area with your SDFI contrast camera.

Contrast lights are used to see dried fluids such as sperm and semen among other things, better than without using a contrast light. SDFI’s Contrast Camera System is designed to see ultraviolet light like we see visible or room light. This means that the SDFI contrast camera is able to take pictures in a dim or dark room easy and fast.

SDFI’s Contrast Camera can capture pictures and video in the “Ultraviolet Dark”.  If you already have contrast lighting tools, you can use them with SDFI’s Contrast Camera.

SDFI's contrast camera, along with any contrast UV light, allows examiners and investigators to capture high resolution images and video in an “Ultraviolet Dark” room or space as easy as using a Standard SDFI Camera System.  Later, your forensic images and videos can be reviewed and presented to others as needed for peer/case review or a judge and jurors if the case goes to court.

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