SDFI®-TeleMedicine - Press Releases

Below is a list of SDFI press releases, which offers links to our most recent announcements and company updates. Click on any of the titles below to read our press releases. The content on this webpage is dynamic and updated frequently. Thank You.

Date Title
SDFI-TeleMedicine to Shed Light on the (Ultraviolet) Dark Side at Upcoming Nevada FBINAA And Nevada Sheriff's and Chief's Association Annual Training Conference
SDFI TeleMedicine Goes To The (Ultraviolet) Dark Side
SDFI-TeleMedicine to Conquer New Territory At The Health Care Compliance Association Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada
SDFI-TeleMedicine Is Set To Educate and Bust Forensic Photodocumentation Myths At The Michigan Chapter of the National Children's Alliance Convention In Traverse City, Michigan
SDFI-TeleMedicine Travels 2,000 Miles to Spin Coins
SDFI-TeleMedicine Goes To The (Ultraviolet) Dark Side At Upcoming Crimes Against Children Conference in Dallas, Texas
SDFI-TeleMedicine Slated to Launch Quarterly Newsletter
SDFI-TeleMedicine Releases a First in the Forensic Industry With the Publication of The "Non-Fatal Strangulation Protocol 2017"
SDFI-Telemedicine Attends the 2017 NCA Summit
SDFI-TeleMedicine On A Breach-Busting Mission At Upcoming Annual Compliance Institute Conference In National Harbor, Maryland
SDFI-TeleMedicine Premiers Its All-In-One Shoot, Store And Send Forensic Camera System Solutions At Upcoming Child Abuse And Family Violence Summit
SDFI-TeleMedicine Launches International Forensic Job Board!
SDFI-TeleMedicine Brings Cutting-Edge, Forensic Camera System Technology to the Gateway of the West City at the 41st Annual International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Technologoy Conference
SDFI-TeleMedicine to Provide Forensic Camera System Antidote to the NCA (National Children's Alliance) "2017 Accreditation Standards" at NCA Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C.
SDFI-TeleMedicine Blasts Colposcopes And Brings Secure Forensic Camera System Solutions To the Gulf Coast Elder Abuse Conference, June 26th Through June 27, 2017, in Slidell, Louisiana
SDFI-TeleMedicine Goes on Mile-High Mission At Upcoming International Association of Forensic Nurse's Conference in Denver, CO

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