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SDFI®-TeleMedicine Premiers Its All-In-One Shoot, Store And Send

Forensic Camera System Solutions At Upcoming Child Abuse And Family Violence Summit



BOULDER CITY, NV – APRIL 10, 2017 – When SDFI®-TeleMedicine tells the world, “We help you see better”, they aren’t kidding.


They intend to prove this statement when they make their inaugural visit to the Eighteenth Annual Child Abuse and Family Violence Summit. The Summit will be held at the Red Lion Hotel on the River in Portland, Oregon, from April 11th through April 13th, 2017. 


Summit attendees will be able to engage hands-on with SDFI’s two camera systems.  SDFI systems are already utilized throughout the country by SANE/SART groups, emergency rooms, law enforcement, investigators and risk management programs.  Not just a forensic camera (which by the way, captures images that are 7,813 percent higher resolution than the first video colposcope!), SDFI also provides secure storing and sending of captured forensic evidence, PHI or any other sensitive data.  This symbiotic trio – known as “Shoot, Store and Send”, is actually based around the Federal Rules of Evidence, and provides images that are “Secure Beyond Reasonable Doubt®”.


Summit participants will witness SDFI staff spinning toys at high speeds, and while in motion, capturing the action with the Standard SDFI Forensic Camera System.  The resulting high-resolution images will be previewed for participants on a big screen.


“The looks on people’s faces when they view images captured of items in motion are priceless!” Says SDFI Marketing Assistant, Julie Steeper.  “We have ‘frozen’ fast-moving toys at our trade shows in the past, with our Standard Forensic Camera System, and when displayed, people’s jaws drop!  It looks like a magic trick!”


On a more serious note, Steeper continues, “Not everything that needs to be photographed in life will remain still; children are an excellent example.  The toy example shows that our systems capture even fast-moving subjects with the high clarity, high resolution and quality,” Steeper explains.



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Users also have the option to capture evidence hands-free, as each system comes with a foot pedal and a hand remote.


The SDFI Forensic Camera Systems capture each image in two different, court ready file formats - .jpg files and RAW files.  If a case goes to court, the RAW file serves as a proof-positive original.  A .jpg is considered to be a duplicate, but it is still admissible to the same extent as the original in court, unless a genuine question is raised about the original’s authenticity.


SDFI offers two types of camera systems:  The Standard SDFI Camera System, which captures photos and video in visible light.  The Contrast SDFI Camera System, captures photos and video of exams in the ultraviolet spectrum.  The Contrast System has been surgically altered to be able to take pictures in both ambient and in low light.  In conjunction with an ultraviolet light source, such as the one included in the system.  The Contrast SDFI Camera System illuminates and captures substances such as beer, urine, sperm and other substances not visible to the human eye.  Like the Standard SDFI Camera system, the Contrast SDFI Camera captures images and video in high resolution, helping law enforcement personnel see this evidence better.


After capturing evidence, users then segueway to the SDFI Image Management Software, which encrypts their evidence to military-grade 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard.  Users then keep their encrypted evidence on their own laptop/desktop or on their organization’s network.  By not storing information on a Cloud, users ensure the chain of custody is met, because their information is always with them.  SDFI’s Image Management System is not proprietary and will work with users’ existing photos as well as any sensitive data that needs to be kept secure.


The Image Management Software also contains some goodies that help users see better.  The SDFI Negative Invert Filter helps users see subtle details in an image that would otherwise be missed.  In addition, the SDFI Loupe Tool enables users to see an area of interest at one-hundred percent, allowing for incredibly detailed viewing.    


When users are ready to send their data to their recipients, the SDFI File Portal encrypts their data a second time.  Users can then send data to anyone in the world with an internet connection.  Recipients do not need any SDFI software, just a Windows-based computer.   


SDFI®-TeleMedicine, which was founded in 2001, also provides education, services and support to medical, and legal professionals who assist with the reduction and elimination of physical violence throughout the world.

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