SDFI®-TeleMedicine Security

Forensic Digital Imaging is Secure Beyond Reasonable Doubt®

Forensic Security

The electronic world is perhaps the greatest enabler any generation has ever seen. Innovations such as cell phones, satellites, e-mail, VoIP, GPS and digital cameras have made us more efficient and given us unprecedented access to information. With the broad and open use of these digital technologies come issues of security and trust. Threats of image and document manipulation, eavesdropping and data theft have prevented many organizations from fully embracing the benefits of the electronic world. SDFI®-TeleMedicine brings the trust and security of the physical world into the electronic world, so much so that SDFI®-TeleMedicine can be considered "Secure Beyond Reasonable Doubt®!"

SDFI®-TeleMedicine technologies were designed to support and enhance existing business workflow processes, not challenge them. Forensic Nurse Examiners work in a unique environment given the subject matter and the nature of the job. FNEs must deal with living victims of sexual assault, rape and domestic violence. FNE's may also be required to examine alleged suspects.

Unlike a crime scene that can be taped off and held for forensic photographers, FNE's must take legal court ready digital pictures of living individuals. Evidence collection may include pictures of body cavities including genital pictures. In some cases survivors have been violently sexually assaulted and violently beaten.

This means that FNE's have a limited amount of time to collect and capture evidence that resides in and on the victim and/or on their clothes. The sensitive nature of these close-up pictures demands the highest level of security, beyond what is typically expected.

The digital evidence, specifically SDFI digital pictures, are moved from the camera's memory card and put into your secured and encrypted computer within minutes of the examination. The digital evidence files must be uniquely identified and filed away until called upon by any one of many law enforcement agencies around the nation. When required, the SDFI digital evidence can be sent to law enforcement within minutes after the exam is completed.

Upon demand, a FNE is able to send hundreds of digital pictures, all at the same time, to police detectives and to the prosecutor, securely and almost instantly and directly via the Internet.

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