SDFI.Q. Live Onsite Forensic Camera Trainings

View the video seen below in the Full Product Description: A SDFI expert will travel to your location. The Live Onsite Forensic Camera Training includes SDFI Camera System techniques, troubleshooting the SDFI Camera System, SDFI PhotoDocumentation Protocols, software, encryption, Q & A and more. This training allows up to eight attendees per day. Please see the product "Additional Onsite Training Day" section if you have more than eight attendees.

Order online, or call 310-492-5372 to request your quote or invoice.


A SDFI trainer and expert travels to your location and teaches a comprehensive, educational fun-filled day on how to use the SDFI Camera System, SDFI Software, SDFI Encryption and SDFI Secure File Portal.

By the end of this onsite training day, your group will be able to...

*Demonstrate how to set up and tear down the SDFI System and its components.

*Hold and operate the SDFI Camera System.

*How to easily take far-away and close-up pictures.

*How to get clear and focused pictures.

*Troubleshoot the SDFI Camera System.

*Create overlapping storyboards, based on the SDFI PhotoDocumentation Protocol.

*How to teach the SDFI Camera System to others.

*How to use the SDFI Software when evaluating pictures.

*How to use the SDFI Encryption Software to encrypt pictures.

*How to upload the encrypted files into the SDFI Secure File Portal in order to send them anywhere in the world.

This one-day, one-location training begins early in the morning and lasts until your group is comfortable with the SDFI System.  We train up to eight forensic examiners per day.  Additional Onsite Training Days are necessary if you have more than eight forensic examiners and are scheduled consecutively to the first Onsite Training Day.