Secure SDFI-TeleMedicine File Portal 12 Month Access

The SDFI file portal allows you to securely send your data anywhere in the world to recipients with a windows based computer and a high-speed connection to the internet. SDFI applies a second layer encryption to this process, so no one but your intended recipient gains access to your files. Online Yearly SDFI File Portal Subscription offers unlimited 24 hour use of the SDFI-TeleMedicine File Portal for a duration of 365 days. At the end of the 365 days, SDFI-TeleMedicine automatically renews the Online Single User Yearly Subscription fee for an additional 365 days.

The Invoice number is located on the invoice provided by SDFI-TeleMedicine.


Unlimited 24 hour use of the SDFI-TeleMedicine File Portal.  98% system up-time.

10GB of secure file transfer capability. 

Free short term emergency "file transfer capability" upgrade upon request.

SSL High Grade Web Page Encryption.

Auto e-mail notification delivered to sender when recipient(s) download a SDFI Secure File.

Able to access the SDFI File Portal through any current web browser.

Able to instantly revoke access to any SDFI Secure File inside the SDFI File Portal.

Able to instantly and permanently remove any SDFI Secure File.

Automatic and permanent removals of SDFI Secure File(s) 10 days.

Able to create and store an e-mail address book of SDFI file recipients.

Alphanumeric login names plus extended passphrases are used to ensure security.

Login passphrases expire after a set amount of time.

All inbound SDFI Secure Files are scanned for viruses.

1 Shared User License (Single Login) per one program location for unlimited users associated to that location to have access to SDFI.Q. Camera System Videos that instruct those users how to operate the SDFI Forensic Camera, SDFI Software and SDFI Secure File Portal.  This is an Online Self Directed Training Course with Tutorials and Knowledge Base.  Access for 365 Days: SDFI.Q. Generations will vary.