Standard & Contrast SDFI Camera System Add-On

It is common for SDFI clients to expand their programs. When programs expand, SDFI clients need additional cameras but not necessarily additional SDFI Software. SDFI Camera System Add-Ons were created to meet this need, offering all of the hardware necessary for forensic nurses and examiners to take pictures and video hands-on or hands-free. You must be a current SDFI client that is already using a Standard or Contrast SDFI System or The Store & Send System in order to purchase this product. See the full description below. Call 310-492-5372 for details

Standard & Contrast SDFI Camera System Add-On

Contrast SDFI Camera Systems offers two separate cameras to capture photos and video within the ultraviolet light spectrum and visible light easy and fast!

1 SDFI Contrast Pre-Configured Digital SLR Contrast Camera System and  1 SDFI Standard Pre-Configured Digital SLR Camera System With Cables       

SDFI Steel Hardwired Remote Medical Foot Pedal
3 Pair Of SDFI UV 400 Protective Goggles
1 SDFI Contrast UV Light with SDFI Stand Mount
2 Multi-Gigabyte SD Memory Cards.
1 Rechargeable SDFI Camera Battery
4 AA Alkaline Batteries
1 Portable SDFI Camera System Carrying Case (For Two Cameras & Accessories)
1 UV Pen (For Your Online Training Session)
1 SDFI Protective Lens Cap
1 SDFI Rear Lens Cover
1 SDFI Camera Body Cap

1 SDFI Low Profile Quick Release Camera Stand & Carrying Case
1 SDFI Contrast System Component List
1 SDFI Contrast System Technical Cheat Sheet

Photomacrographic Scales (in camera case lid)
SDFI Hand Maps & SDFI Bookend Cards

One Year Manufacturer's Camera Warranty
Unlimited Remote Technical Support for SDFI Digital Camera System *
SDFI-TeleMedicine Loaner Program

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Call 310-492-5372 for details